We will be running half day 9-12pm camps at Riverside Elementary School this summer. Camp is for all players (Non BC Fire players welcome) between the ages U5-U16.

June 22-25-Ball Mastery $50 Registration Click Here 
July 13-16 Shooting Camp $50  Registration Click Here
July 20-23 Ball Mastery $50 Registration Click Here
August 3-6 Shooting Camp $50  Registration Click Here

The Covid-19 virus continues to be a real threat, but some communities are starting to allow controlled outdoor activities and the return to workplaces and facilities, while closely monitoring participants and workers. BC Fire Soccer Club will be adhering to the public policies of state and local governments as it begins to phase in youth soccer activities and events.

Guidelines for Summer Camps:

• All players and coaches with flu-like symptoms will be required to stay home.
• Parents/players will be responsible to measure each participant’s temperature before any camp begins. It is the parent’s responsibility to keep the player home, should the player’s temperature read above 100.4 degrees.
• It is recommended that children only travel/ride with a direct family or household member to and from the activity/event. No carpooling should be happening.
• BC Fire Soccer Club events will adhere to the current guidelines of state and local governments regarding the number of participants allowed to congregate and the locations where these activities will take place.
• Physical distancing of 6 feet between individuals will be mandated and best efforts to maintain this standard will be enforced at all times before, during and after the event.
• Drop off and pick up locations will be strictly isolated from the activity space with no overlap. No players will remain on the field after camps, and cones will be set up for players who have to wait for families with the strictly mandated physical distancing of the recommended 6 feet.
• All players and coaches will have to wear a mask in the check in area. Parents / players are responsible for getting their mask. They do not need to be N95 respirator masks. Players and staff need to use clean at each activity and ensure to the best of their ability that these masks are working properly.
• The practice field will be limited to just the coaches, and players. Spectators need to remain away from the field and physically distanced of at least 6 feet among themselves.
• Cones will be utilized to alert players of the forbidden six foot zone that they must avoid at any and all times.
• The practice drills will not include any physical contact or close coverage game situations, keeping the players more than six feet apart at all times.
• All players must have their own equipment at camp. i.e. ball, shin guards, etc.
• All players must have their own water bottle. Players are not allowed to share water bottles.

Any questions please email Director of Coaching Gregg Williams at gregg.williams77@gmail.com