Below are the BC Fire guidelines for our players, parents and coaches to return to training. These guidelines were put in place following the recommendations from Michigan State Youth Soccer Association. By following these guidelines we will have the highest chance keeping our teams training this Fall. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Our specific COVID-19 “point of contact” is Gregg Williams at He is BC Fire’s contact for any known case(s) and general COVID related questions and concerns.


  • Make every effort to social distance – 6 feet apart
  • Wear mask to and from field
  • Do not share drink or food


  • Do not enter playing field (unless an emergency)
  • When possible stay in cars during training
  • Wear mask at all times if you need to leave your car
  • Make every effort to social distance – 6 feet apart


  • Wear a mask before and after training to model the appropriate behaviors needed during this time
  • Make every effort to design training so players can socially distance – 6 feet apart
  • U9/U10 coaches meet their players at the drop off area to assist in the transition to the field.