BC Fire Tryouts 2022-23

BC Fire tryouts will be on 6/11. Full schedule below.

ALL players will need to register for tryouts to be placed on a BC Fire team. Please follow link to register. If you are unable to attend tryouts but want to be considered for a BC Fire team you can indicate this on the registartion form.

SELECT - WMYSA | U8 - U19 |
Every BC Fire player starts competitive  the Select level. This league is ran by West Michigan Youth Soccer Association (WMYSA). We offer our Select program from U7-U19 boys and girls. All games are played within South West Michigan.

SELECT - Elite | U12 |
Elite is offered to only U12 boys and girls. The Elite program is for the serious soccer player thinking they would eventually like to play Premier.  These teams will play in a combined league with the top WMYSA and Grand Valley Soccer Association (GVSA) teams. All games are played within West Michigan

PREMIER - MSPSP | U13 - U19 | 
The Michigan State Premier Soccer Program is a competitive statewide soccer league that begins at the U13 age group for boys and girls. Teams play 8-12 games within the state of Michigan each season, and have the opportunity to move through divisions to qualify for NLC. Premier players will experience a more committed level of year-round training as well as compete in the MSYSA State Cup.

LevelAgesRegistartion CostUniform Cost*
WMYSA / Elite -Full SeasonU8-U19$400$130
WMYSA / Elite - Half SeasonU8-U19$300$130
Premier-Full YearU13-U14$500 + $65 State Cup fee$130
Premier-Half YearU15-U19$350 + $65 State Cup fee$130

*Do not need to buy a new uniform if you played in the 2021-22 season for BC Fire


  • Only Blue Team (A team) coach are listed, we expect to have multiple teams at multiple age groups
  • TBD will decided and updated before tryout
  • BC Fire coaches page can be found here https://bcfiresoccer.org/staff-copy/
GenderBirth YearAge GroupLeagueHead CoachTimeDateLocation
Boys2015U8WMYSATBD8:00-9:00am6/11Riverside Elementary School
Boys2014U9WMYSAJon Davis8:00-9:00am6/11Riverside Elementary School
Boys2013U10WMYSAKyle Grestini8:00-9:00am6/11Riverside Elementary School
Boys2012U11WMYSABrad Yoder9:30-10:30am6/11Riverside Elementary School
Boys2011U12WMYSATrent Heil9:30-10:30am6/11Riverside Elementary School
Boys2010U13PremierMel Carillo11:00-12:00pm6/11Riverside Elementary School
Boys2009U14PremierBrad Yoder11:00-12:00pm6/11Riverside Elementary School
Boys2008U15PremierTBD11:00-12:00pm6/11Riverside Elementary School
Boys2007U16PremierTBD1:00-2:00pm6/11Riverside Elementary School
Boys2006U17PremierTBD1:00-2:00pm6/11Riverside Elementary School
Boys2005U18PremierEieri Salivia1:00-2:00pm6/11Riverside Elementary School
Boys2004U19PremierMel Carillo1:00-2:00pm6/11Riverside Elementary School

BC Fire will be requiring volunteers to help at Tryouts. If interested please click on above link.

GenderBirth YearAge GroupLeagueHead CoachTimeDateLocation
Girls2015U8WMYSATBD8:00-9:00am6/11Riverside Elementary School
Girls2014U9WMYSASeth Berry8:00-9:00am6/11Riverside Elementary School
Girls2013U10WMYSATrent Heil8:00-9:00am6/11Riverside Elementary School
Girls2012U11WMYSALance Lazarov9:30-10:30am6/11Riverside Elementary School
Girls2011U12WMYSASeth Berry9:30-10:30am6/11Riverside Elementary School
Girls2010U13PremierMatt Higgs11:00-12:00pm6/11Riverside Elementary School
Girls2009U14PremierTBD11:00-12:00pm6/11Riverside Elementary School
Girls2008U15PremierEieri Salivia11:00-12:00pm6/11Riverside Elementary School
Girls2007U16PremierEieri Salivia1:00-2:00pm6/11Riverside Elementary School
Girls2006U17PremierEieri Salivia1:00-2:00pm6/11Riverside Elementary School
Girls2005U18PremierEieri Salivia1:00-2:00pm6/11Riverside Elementary School
Girls2004U19PremierTBD1:00-2:00pm6/11Riverside Elementary School

BC Fire will be requiring volunteers to help at Tryouts. If interested please click on above link.