Introducing the new youth development league (YDL): A child-centered approach to developing soccer skills and future world-class players. 

For many years the process for young kids has always mirrored what the older kids go through; have a practice and have a game. Additionally, just like older kids, we group young kids in teams and large groups, which sort of mimics the official game.

At BC Fire, we are changing the way we do things when it comes to young players taking their first steps within soccer, we want to give them the attention they deserve. We understand the soccer experience between the ages of 3 and 11 is more than just about the team or the game itself, it’s about the player. League competition and social norms force us to make teams of certain numbers and perform at a certain level. Yet, to perform at such levels, players need the time and attention to go through their learning stages and learn everything there is to know. Only then, will they have a fair chance of competing at a high level.

The BC Fire Youth Development League, plans to meet the players at their current learning phase rather than them meeting the soccer game and catching up. We begin by making sure our curriculum for this program is designed to represent appropriate learning for kids and introducing the soccer game at every lesson, while leaving the aspect of “official” games out of the equation.

Our Technical Director, Eieri Jordan-Saliva, and our Youth Development Director, Reba Lewis, both trained in physical education and child development, respectively, will be in charge of writing the lessons your child will experience. Each week, the players will go through 2 child-centered lessons that will take the place of what older kids call “practice”. Throughout the lesson, kids will be in small groups (6:1) to make sure players get the attention they need and will be led by an appropriate role model coach. The hour-long lesson will have exercises and games to walk players through plenty of repetition in order to achieve objectives.

Additionally, the program will offer an extra day during the weekends (programmed for Sundays between 10 am and 12 pm) where players are welcome to join and experience more game-like situations in a free-play setting. The intent is to bring back the safe environment where kids used to learn to play (any sport) and develop their own creativity without the role of a coach with strict directions to follow.

Our free-play times will be organized by YDL coaches, who will act as organizers and referees in order to keep children safe. However, no lesson will be implemented and kids will be encouraged to practice the skills they have learned through our lessons, as well as any new thing they may have learned from other sources. Parents will be more than welcome to stay and watch their children play in a stress-free environment.

For more information please visit: Youth Development League

Registration is now open, you can access by clicking on the following link: REGISTER HERE