Youth Development League

BC Fire's Youth Development League "YDL" is a youth soccer program that creates a fun and motivating environment for young players (ages 4 to 8) to gain knowledge and passion for the game. This program is designed for both boys and girls and teaches confidence, technique and basic fundamentals of the game. Players do not need any prior experience to join the program.

The Fall 2022 season begins Tuesday, August 30, 2022 and is limited to 60 participants.

Register today and join us for a season full of joy and learning!


Any questions please email Youth Development Director: Reba Lewis (

MeetingBirth YearsLocationTraining DaysTraining TimeTraining Dates
Practice2018 - 2014Riverside Elementary, Battle Creek (Field #5)Tuesday & Thursday5:30 PM - 6:30 PM8/30/22 - 10/20/22
Free-Play2018 - 2014Riverside Elementary, Battle Creek (Field #5)Sunday10:00 AM - 12:00 PM9/4/22 - 10/23/22

NOTE: Up to two make-up dates will be offered for cancelled training sessions. Dates will be Tuesday 10/25/22 and Thursday 10/27/22.


2018-2014 Birth Years

$100 / 8 WEEKS
  • 6 to 1 player to coach ratio, to guarantee attention and guidance for every player.
  • 2 practice sessions per week, for a total of 16 learning hours per season.
  • Weekend supervised freeplay, to assist the player-centered learning approach.
  • Revolutionary program design, with roots from the Royal Belgian FA.

How can this program benefit your child's development?


We begin with a purpose. For us, this program is our way to re-imagine soccer education for children, where their development is at the forefront of objectives over any other program need.

We follow up with specific learning goals:

    1. Design and implement the most comprehensive age-appropriate curriculum to prepare children to use soccer as a competitive, recreational, and/or life-long activity.
    2. Teach children the foundational skills used in soccer, as well as physical education components that are required to develop athletic ability and psycho-social skills.
    3. Keep children physically active and healthy year-round.
    4. Offer families an education approach that is player-centered and allows every child to be the center of attention when playing soccer with us.
    5. Build a path to play soccer at the highest competitive level possible for every child.

We ensure this program has the appropriate resources to be successful. The design of the program and its curriculum are written and managed by Reba Lewis, Youth Development Director at BC Fire, and Eieri Jordan-Salivia, Technical Director at BC Fire.