Goalkeeping Program

The BC Fire Goalkeeper Program is a one-of-a-kind experience.

Designed by BC Fire's Director of Goalkeeping and Technical Director, BC Fire aims to offer specialized training year-round to goalkeepers from any club and with or without prior experience. The goalkeeper athletes will grow their knowledge and experience in a challenging and fun way and be able to take that back to their home team and desired competitive environments.

Experience playing the position is not needed, desire to learn it IS.

Join us and allow us to help you grow!


So you want to be the best goalkeeper you can be?

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Spring 2024 GK Programs


Can I signup if I don't belong to BC Fire?

Absolutely! Our season-long programs, camps, clinics, and personal or group training sessions are meant for any goalkeepers. We will not require you to play for BC Fire or recruit you to play for our club. We teach you what we know, you go perform where you feel "at home".

What should I wear to GK training?

We ask you to be ready to practice on time and with appropriate GK equipment.

  • Soccer cleats (when practicing outdoors).
  • Soccer tennis shoes or Futsal shoes (when practicing indoors).
  • Shinguards and long socks.
  • Athletic clothing.
  • GK gloves.

Other optional equipment we may recommend based on personal preferences and needs:

  • Knee and elbow pads.
  • Sport eye-wear (rather than eyeglasses).
  • Head pads.

If you have questions if something else is allowed or recommended, don't hesitate to ask us.

I'm injured and can't attend training. What should I do?

We are very sorry to hear you are injured and/or recovering. We wish you a quick and healthy recovery. Please message Director of Goalkeeping, David Jackson, for injury considerations before, during, and/or after signing up for a GK program.

E-Mail: david.jackson2350@gmail.com
Phone: (269) 331-8007

Can I pay per session rather than for the whole program?

Unfortunately, unless a program specifically gives the option of "drop-in" pay per session, we do not accept sporadic attendance.

Our programs are built to achieve goals and objectives within the design of the program. Without regular attendance, it's difficult to achieve results.

If you desire to "test" or tryout" a session to see if what we offer is for you, please contact our Director of Goalkeeping, David Jackson.

E-Mail: david.jackson2350@gmail.com
Phone: (269) 331-8007

Is there a discount to sign up for multiple programs?

Of course! We value loyalty, commitment, and long-term desire to achieve personal goals. We we announce programs, we announce a discount alongside for your convenience. If you have questions regarding any discounts, please contact Director of Goalkeeping, David Jackson.

E-Mail: david.jackson2350@gmail.com
Phone: (269) 331-8007

Do you have a reimbursement policy on your programs?

Great question, we do.

  • We offer full registration refund if reimbursement is requested 2 weeks (14 days) prior to the start date of the program.
  • We do not offer full nor partial reimbursement for requests within 13 days of the start date of any of our GK programs.
  • We do not offer full nor partial reimbursement if a goalkeeper misses training sessions and/or gets injured during the duration of a program.

For reimbursement requests, please email Director of Goalkeeping, David Jackson at david.jackson2350@gmail.com

I would like to play for BC Fire, how can I join?

We love your enthusiasm and we appreciate your desire to be part of the next generation of BC Fire players!

If you are truly interested in joining one of our teams in the future we would like to hear from you, but please know we respect recruiting and poaching policies (MSYSA Rule 3.7, Page 11) designed to protect players and clubs across the state. We will not recruit you out of your current club, and we would be more than happy to inform you of appropriate ways and dates to 'shop' for a new team to call home.

Please contact our Technical Director, Eieri Jordan-Salivia for more information regarding playing opportunities for BC Fire youth teams at eierijordan@pm.me.

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