Battle Creek, MI:  October 20, 2023 — BC Fire Soccer Club is thrilled to announce its official affiliation with US Youth Futsal. This partnership marks an exciting development for soccer enthusiasts in Calhoun County and the surrounding areas who are looking to elevate their soccer skills and knowledge through the dynamic sport of Futsal.

Futsal is a fast-paced, indoor variant of soccer that emphasizes skill, quick thinking, and technical proficiency. By affiliating with US Youth Futsal, BC Fire Soccer Club is not only expanding its offerings but also providing players with access to high-quality training and competitive opportunities, regardless of the soccer club they belong to during traditional soccer seasons.

What this Affiliation Means for Players:

  1. Enhanced Development: Players can now access specialized training programs designed to improve their technical abilities and soccer IQ. Futsal’s focus on close ball control and quick decision-making translates directly to the outdoor game.
  2. Growth in Skills: Futsal’s unique playing style challenges players to adapt and develop their skills further, providing a holistic soccer education.
  3. Pathway to Excellence: For those with aspirations to play at higher levels, this affiliation can be a stepping stone to regional, national, and international Futsal competitions.

About BC Fire Soccer Club:

BC Fire Soccer Club has a rich history of fostering young talent and promoting soccer in our community. Our mission is to provide a safe, enjoyable, and competitive environment where players of all ages can grow and excel. This affiliation with US Youth Futsal represents a significant step toward expanding our offerings and promoting the development of local soccer talent.

Get in Touch:

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BC Fire Soccer Club is eager to embark on this Futsal journey with US Youth Futsal and looks forward to enriching the soccer experience for players in Calhoun County and surrounding areas. Join us as we bring the thrill of Futsal to our soccer community!