Congratulations to Miriam “Mimi” Hibbard on being named the 2024 Female Athlete of the Year by the Battle Creek Enquirer! This recognition is a testament to her exceptional talent, dedication, and hard work throughout the year. Mimi has consistently demonstrated outstanding performance with her school St. Phillip, and with her BC Fire club team, showcasing her skills, determination, and sportsmanship. Her achievements have not only brought pride to herself but have also inspired her teammates, coaches, and the entire community.

Miriam’s journey to this accolade is a remarkable story of perseverance and excellence. She has excelled in multiple sports during her HS sports career, and protected the posts at BC Fire for the past 4 years. Her commitment to training, unwavering focus, and ability to perform under pressure have made her a standout athlete. This award is a well-deserved honor that celebrates her significant contributions to her teams and her exemplary role as a leader and an inspiration to aspiring athletes. We look forward to witnessing more of her accomplishments in the future.

Mimi, at BC Fire we wish you well in your upcoming college soccer career and we hope you keep playing for as long as the soccer makes you happy!

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