BC Fire 2023-2024 Tryouts


This event is meant for HS-age boys (U15-U19).
For interest in joining any other age group, please
contact our club's Registrar at:

Supplemental Tryout Schedule

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Who is this supplemental tryouts intended for?

Supplemental tryouts are intended for high school aged boys playing U15 through U19 who have not been able to find a club team after the state-wide summer tryouts.

At BC Fire teams began taking shape after summer tryouts in June. Supplemental tryouts provide an opportunity to earn remaining spots on teams before the Spring club season begins.

What's the cost to tryout?

There is no cost to tryout. Payments are processed upon registration after being invited to a team. Fees can be found on the website.

Will trying out guarantee a space on a team?

Teams are assigned after tryouts. Trying out does not guarantee a spot on a BC Fire SC team. Once a player is invited to a team, they will need to accept their position and register with the team using a separate link in the invite email. 

I can't attend supplemental tryouts, can I still be assigned a team?

Players who are not able to sign up for tryouts, should still sign up for tryouts and select the "you can't attend box" during the tryouts registration process. Naturally, attending tryouts provides more chances of being selected for a team. Trying out is an important process in team selection, players who previously played for BC Fire have more chances of being selected this way due to historical data we can use to properly assign you to a team.For further questions, please contact BC Fire Technical Director, Eieri Jordan-Salivia at eierijordan@pm.me

How do I check-in the day of tryouts?

All players will need to check in at the registration tent next to fields #1 and #2 at Riverside when arriving at tryouts. Players will then be directed to the field they will be trying out on. Please plan on arriving 20-30 minutes before the start time.

When will I know if I made a team?

Players will receive results of tryouts by email within 24-48 hours of the tryouts and in some cases, the day of tryouts. We try to let every player know as soon as possible. If offered a spot on a team you will have 48 hours to complete registration to secure your spot.

What should I wear the day of tryouts?

All players will need to wear a white shirt to tryout, shorts, socks, shinguard, and soccer cleats. It does not have to be BC Fire branded clothing.

I'm injured and can't attend. What should I do?

Players who are currently recovering from an injury, should still sign up for tryouts and contact us to let us know about the injury, recovery time, and plans for next competitive cycle. Please contact BC Fire Technical Director, Eieri Jordan-Salivia at eierijordan@pm.me

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